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Based in Castegnato, in the province of Brescia, Tiemme has an important factory for the production of brass components, together with the technical, commercial and financial departments, and also a Systems division, dedicated to guaranteeing efficient design and systems consultancy service.


Besides the production facility, the Company has created a modern low-impact logistic centre in the same area. The centre consists of a covered surface of over 15,000 sq.m.

In addition, the large production department for multilayer, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) and PPR (polypropylene random) pipes is located next to the warehouse.

The facility, the systems and the entire production process have been conceived and built with special care for environmental protection and wellbeing of workers, and adopt innovative solutions to pursue such objectives.

Being part of the best organised groups in terms of brass machining has allowed Tiemme to be totally self-sufficient and benefit from the economic and organisational advantages, that have positively affected its reference market with regard to know-how, range variety and quality/price ratio.

The production and marketing of over 15,000 plumbing and heating items can be summarised in the offer of the following product lines:

- Brass, copper and bronze fittings for metal, plastic and multilayer pipes

- Valves and lockshield valves for heating systems

- Moulded or forged from bar manifolds for heating and distribution systems

- Water and gas ball valves for different types of applications

- COBRA-PEX cross-linked polyethylene, COBRATHERM and GREENLINE polypropylene random, and AL-COBRAPEX multilayer pipes

- Fittings and multilayer pipes for gas systems.

Tiemme’s range is completed with the offer of integrated systems and services that allow Tiemme to find the perfect solutions to the modern engineering and living comfort needs:

- Traditional and radiant panel heating

- Cooling

- Heat metering

- Central heating components and systems

- Advanced climate control system.

Tiemme is able to supply a suitable pre-post sales service (this means, backing up customers in the applicative solution of the systems offered and guaranteeing assistance during installation) as well as support during design, both in the residential and industrial field, thanks to the use of specifically developed software.

To market its products, Tiemme has created an extensive network that guarantees a widespread distribution not only in Italy, but also in the entire world, where the company is present in more than 80 countries in all 5 continents.

Tiemme’s foreign branches are situated in Valencia (Spain), Bucharest (Romania) and Aspropyrgos - Athens (Greece). The company also has representative offices in Kharkiv (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia) and Beijing (China).

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