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Thursday 15 October 2020



TIEMME is pleased to inform that the implementation of the product families in the BIM is complete.

Within the new section of the Tiemme BIM, website, we have created a portal that facilitates the search and use of our products.

For each article you will find all the data required by the BIM software for the construction of the systems such as:

  • 3D parametric design
  • Technical data
  • Materials
  • Certifications
  • Maintenance information

BIM design is based on the use of intelligent parametric 3D objects, able to relate to each other making the design models increasingly realistic and efficient, as early as the preliminary phase. Throughout the design process, the professionals carry out their work by relating many of these objects to create the project.

The choice of a Tiemme product during the design phase favors the preview and solving of potential problems that could arise on the job site, such as incorrect dimensions, non-compliant materials, installation issues, etc.


How can you benefit from the Tiemme products?

Our products are developed bearing in mind the real needs of designers in their daily use.

On these grounds we have activated a specific BIM research and development division, where each object is created internally and tested for a proper use.

Here is a short list of the advantages of Tiemme BIM objects:

  • Simple use (within the single article you can find the entire range)
  • Lightweight and interoperable files (lean and fast work)
  • Customized parameters (an object that adapts to your project)
  • Labels and Shared Parameters ready for download (we make your work as easy as possible).

We strongly believe in the value of BIM and in the impact it will have over time. To that end, we want to support you constantly - our staff is available to answer any questions.


BIM Ready


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a new approach that collects and integrates all the useful information for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings in a single digital environment.

All the players of the project work on this very model: Designers (engineers, architects, plant engineers), Builders, Installers and Maintenance technicians who collaborate during several phases of the development and construction of the building (architectural, structural, plant and energy project) making the most quality- and efficiency-wise.

All TIEMME products can be downloaded from the BIM portal.

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