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Research and development

Tiemme has always made research the key strength of its offer.

Well aware of the complexity of an increasingly diversified and demanding market, Tiemme has been one of the first companies of the field to realise the importance of upgrading its products by investing resources for the purchase of state-of-the-art technologies, to obtain high quality standard productions.

Since it purchased the company at the beginning of the 90s, the Gnutti family has continued to invest in internal research laboratories for market demand surveys in different countries and for the development of highly efficient production processes.

The product concept development and design phases are coordinated and managed by a competent in-house R&D division.

The research process consists in the analysis of the most significant information coming from the market, the correct understanding of the needs of installers, technicians and designers and their transformation into concrete applications and product specifications.

At the same time experimentation is carried out with laboratory technicians who transform ideas into prototypes, tested with the help of the most modern technology, and then taken to the next industrialisation phase.

Understanding and anticipating the needs of all those who in our field are daily involved in the design and installation of systems, is one of the activities that the Tiemme employees are called to carry through the development of every more focused and innovative products.

This is one of the secrets to Tiemme's success.

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