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Our History

A "brass fitting factory” that rose to international leadership in the production and marketing of plumbing and heating components.

The Gnutti Cirillo Group’s banner flutters over a district of Brescia which is highly specialised in the brass business.

Design, moulding, machining and marketing form a complete cycle where mining is the only phase missing. The core of the processing cycle is Tiemme, a company which has passed from production and marketing of fittings, brass valves and pipes for the plumbing and heating field to development, during the second half of the 21st century, of integrated heating and cooling systems.

This path which brought about a series of fundamental changes, has led the company today to shine in the limelight of the market scenario.

The Company was established in the 1980s to produce brass fittings for the plumbing and heating industry but in 1994, the year in which it became part of the Gnutti Cirillo Group, the company faced a drastic change.

Supported by a very clear corporate vision, founded on important investments, innovations and research, the Gnutti family ventured along new business paths and, in a short time, succeeded in creating a prominent industrial reality. Today, this reality stands out as a leader in the field for its dimensions and innovative abilities, with a brand that has become an international benchmark in the design, production and marketing of integrated systems and components for the plumbing and heating field.

Integration with a highly organised structure, empowered by more than ten years of technical and entrepreneurial experience of the Gnutti Cirillo Group, has certainly contributed to all this. Undoubtedly this integration improved the investment prospects and triggered a series of strategies which were fundamental for the company which over the years turned out to be a real success.

Under the guide of the Gnutti family, the Company’s constant creative commitment materialised the development of products that over the years have become a benchmark in the field: Cobraring, Waterblock, Cobratherm, Tenblock, Cobre, Uragano, Scirocco, Tifone, Tornado, Totem, Maxima, Floor, etc., are the milestones of a development path of a production range, now the icon of the heating and plumbing system engineering, renowned all over the world. This production range has imprinted Tiemme’s distinctive technical features in the mind of many installers, enhancing the company and the brand’s uniqueness in the world panorama of brass components for heating and plumbing applications.

Already in the second half of the 90s with the development of the Al-Cobrapex Multilayer System (press fittings + multilayer pipes), Tiemme was among the first companies to open the way to this type of engineering solution and contributed to a true revolution still relevant today in the field.

The Al-Cobrapex multilayer system was further perfected up to recent times and still today allows Tiemme to be active in the field with an offer which is unique in terms of experience, reliability, product range and customer service.

The years 2000 once again brought about further growth and evolution in Tiemme's history and saw a considerable increase in the range of products offered (valves and fittings for the most wide range of heating and plumbing applications, but also heating components such as distribution manifolds, polyethylene and polypropylene pipes multilayer gas system, etc.). In addition to this, starting from the second half of the decade, the offer for integrated systems was developed thanks to the release on the market of new radiant panel heating and cooling systems for residential and industrial applications.

This was quite a spontaneous transition considering that the Company produces most of the components necessary for such systems. They just had to include such components in an integrated and harmonious package of efficient design and system consultancy service.

The years 2000 also stand for a period of rapid growth with regard to the commercial organisation, whereby Tiemme has become a multinational company with the establishment of commercial branches, affiliated companies and representative offices in different countries, almost on all continents.

Certain that the development and promotion of new business areas with greater added value can be a valid answer to the difficulties encountered on traditional markets, at the end of the years 2000, the Tiemme product range is completed with the further development of systems and their components: heat metering, components for solar thermal systems, components for central heating and advanced climate control systems. Thanks to these products, Tiemme can always offer the perfect solution to all modern engineering and living comfort needs.

This is why in 2012, the Tiemme Lab facility of Castegnato was established at the headquarters of Castegnato. It is here that installers, designers and technicians involved in the field get hands-on experience and test the applicability of the wide range of solutions offered by Tiemme.  

Likewise, in the past years, Tiemme has further strengthened its pre- and post-sales services (customer assistance in applicative solutions of the systems offered and guaranteeing assistance during installation), and provided support during project design, both in the residential and industrial fields, thanks to the use of specifically developed software.

A lot was invested along the years also in the internal organisation to guarantee increasingly efficient customer services. By implementing state-of-the art design systems, advanced management systems, increase of stocks and the on-going introduction of highly specialised personnel in the different corporate roles great customer satisfaction is ensured.

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