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Intellectual property
The contents of www.tiemme.com, as for example the photographs, works, images, videos, drawings, documents, logos and any other material in any format, that is uploaded on www.tiemme.com, also including the colours, all the web pages, the layout and website design, are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights of Tiemme S.p.A. and other right holders. Reproduction in any way, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing. Tiemme S.p.A. has the exclusive right to forbid or authorise the reproduction, in full or in part of the contents of its Internet website. By using the Internet websites you agree to respect the copyright of the authors of the works available on www.tiemme.com.

Any trademarks that identify the products sold on www.tiemme.com are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are used within the Internet websites for the sole purpose of identifying, describing and advertising the products for sale. We wish to inform you that the unlawful use of trademarks is prohibited and may imply legal consequences.

Links from www.tiemme.com to other websites
The Tiemme S.p.A. website may provide hypertext links to other websites. Due to the nature of the technology used, we cannot be held liable for the contents of the other websites for which we suggest links. We kindly ask you to pay special attention when opening shortcuts of the www.tiemme.com website that lead to other sites. Please carefully read privacy terms and conditions.

Links a www.tiemme.com
Our policy is to allow establishment of links to our sites. We reserve the right to oppose to the establishment of links directed to our websites and the right to require their removal.

Management of the site contents
Tiemme S.p.A. has adopted every security measure necessary to guarantee its users that the contents of its Internet websites are accurate and do not contain incorrect or not updated information. Nevertheless, we cannot be held liable towards the users for the accuracy and completeness of the contents posted, exception made for its liability for damages caused by malice and gross negligence and except as otherwise provided by law. Though it is in its own interest, because of the nature of Internet, Tiemme S.p.A. cannot guarantee its users that the website will operate continuously, without interruptions, errors or malfunctions due to the Internet connection. For any problem, please contact our customer service.

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