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Tiemme’s global expansion was made possible thanks to the use of up-to-date technology both in the production and management field.

lavora con noiIt is obvious though that technology alone cannot do much and it is for this reason that over the years Tiemme created its own high-profile working team. Its employees, coming not only from all over Italy, but also from other nations of the world, have a good theoretical background, that the company constantly develops and updates through training sessions and on-the-job training.

The work environment is comfortable and stimulating, just like a big family, with the ability to work in groups, share information and ideas, and involve newly employed personnel. Most of this qualified team consists of young people and women. The company is well aware that the new generations possess characteristics, such as determination, dynamism, open-mindedness, willingness to explore and take on new challenges, which are characteristics to be valued.

In addition to this, Tiemme acknowledges and protects women’s work; it cares for working mums who are given full autonomy in choosing their work schedule and in this way dedicate the right amount of time to their family. Women enjoy the same rights as their male colleagues with regard to all opportunities and conditions, and can assume important corporate managerial roles.

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