What are the advantages?


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What are the advantages?

The use of centralised metering systems presents a series of advantages:
• It guarantees the possibility of autonomously managing thermal needs on the basis of the hourly needs of each single residential housing unit
• It makes it possible to save on individual boiler maintenance costs (no longer a boiler for each single housing unit, but only one heat generator for the entire building)
• The entire surface of the house can be used without needing to sacrifice a room, or part of a room, for the boiler
• It guarantees greater safety by eliminating the boiler in the single housing unit (the presence of a centralised boiler also guarantees periodical maintenance checks)
• It guarantees general lower consumptions and consequently reduces the emission of toxic substances in the air enhancing environmental protection
• In addition to the above, if passing from an existing system to a centralised system complete of metering system, it is possible to benefit from tax deductions and reduced VAT rates.

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