253.Hydraulic relay units explaining pumps


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E Premte 10 Tetor 2014

253.Hydraulic relay units explaining pumps

 In your previous technical information notice, reference was made to two different Grundfos pumps. These two pumps are used on your circulator units. Let’s consider the UPS2 25-40/50/60  pump.
We would like a thorough explanation on the usage of the type of pump you indicate.
We work in the field of underfloor radiant systems.
In our present condition, we use:

  • a fixed point circulator;
  • a panel system on two-levels with total flow rate of 1,250 L/h ;
  • design pressure loss: Δp 2.3 m  (for the radiant system).
  • -1” manifolds with electro-thermal controls on the return ways driven byelectronic thermostats.

We can supply the results of the tests carried out on site in relation to the information that you will provide us.

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