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CLIMAV 6000,a system “ALWAYS WITH YOU”


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CLIMAV 6000,a system “ALWAYS WITH YOU”

The CLIMAV 6000 system can be remotely accessed: the user will be able to read the thermo-hydrometric parameters of a specific room and intervene in real time from any place and at any time.

More precisely, the user will be able to operate in two ways:

  1. Via WEB interface. The TIEMME website offers a specific area dedicated to CLIMAV 6000 thermoregulation management. Each system pre-arranged for remote control will be assigned privileged access, protected by a password: the user will be able to see the status of his/her house and change the room parameters whereas the maintenance technician will be able to access, change and update the system settings.
  2. Via text messages. It will be possible to consult the system thanks to simple pre-set commands. The system will and it will be able to report any anomalies or malfunctions to the final user or maintenance technician.

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