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Metering, the direct system


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Metering, the direct system

DIRECT metering reads heating and cooling energy consumption of each single user directly from the heat carrier fluid. Measurement is based on parameters that define the difference of enthalpies between the heating/cooling circuit inlet and outlet.

Measurement of thermal energy consumption used for heating/cooling is carried out by the calorie/frigorie meters while sanitary hot/cold water consumption is made by the volumetric meters.

Direct metering permits two different types of readings:

  • LOCAL READING, directly on the displays of the instruments installed in each flat
  • REMOTE READING, on the display of a data concentrator installed in the central heating system. The concentrator receives information from each single instrument through an M-bus protocol. It can then transmit the data to a pc or send texts via e-mail by means of a modem.

Tiemme offers different direct metering solutions (please refer to the product catalogue) but it can also produce customised direct metering modules to satisfy the requirements of any single project.

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